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Our Captable Management Platform is the perfect choice for corporate finance, law firms, and private equity companies looking to provide their clients with a captable management solution. Featuring a personalized dashboard for captable participants, offering insights into returns and transactions, it also serves as a centralized repository for crucial documents such as participation rules and valuation reports. These documents are easily downloadable, for instance, for tax purposes.

Investor/Employee Dashboard

This interactive dashboard ensures that investors and employees have a personalized and visually intuitive interface, fostering engagement and allowing easy access to critical stock-related information and tools. It serves as a central hub for stakeholders to monitor their investments or equity holdings and make informed decisions.

Next generation investing
Next generation investing

Employee stock ownership tracking

This system provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring and managing employee ownership, ensuring transparency and helping employees stay informed about their stock holdings and transactions. It creates a user-friendly experience, allowing employees to track their ownership evolution and make strategic decisions.

Automated Vesting

By automating the tracking and execution of vesting schedules, this feature minimizes administrative burdens, ensures accuracy, and keeps employees informed about their equity vesting milestones through timely notifications.

It fosters trust and confidence among employees by providing a seamless and error-free process for tracking vesting progress.

Next generation investing
Next generation investing

Equity plan management

These tools streamline the creation, modification, and administration of equity compensation plans, providing administrators with an efficient platform to manage diverse equity instruments and participant details. It promotes organizational agility by allowing quick adjustments to equity plans to align with business strategies and goals.

Management Reporting

Offering customizable reports and insights, this functionality empowers management to make informed decisions by providing a deep understanding of key metrics, equity performance, and compliance status through dynamic and tailored reports. It facilitates data-driven leadership, enabling proactive management strategies based on real-time and historical equity data.

Next generation investing
Next generation investing

Automated Communication

This system enhances efficiency by automating communication processes, delivering timely notifications, updates, and alerts to relevant parties, ensuring that stakeholders are well-informed about critical events and policy changes. It fosters a responsive and communicative environment, minimizing delays and improving overall engagement with investors, employees, and other key stakeholders.

The world is moving towards new models of ownership.

The world is moving towards new models of ownership.

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