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Our Products

Our software products reduce friction, cut costs and provide an unprecedented digital experience for both investment managers and their investors.

All of our products are regularly penetration tested by BDO, a trusted independent security firm, to ensure its security and resilience against potential threats.

Bloqhouse platform

Easy & accessible investments

For the next generation

Investing through the traditional method can be time-consuming and complex. Bloqhouse simplifies the process by digitizing it and allowing investors to complete KYC and onboarding online, while still following all rules and regulations. Our platform also provides an easy-to-use interface that connects fund managers and investors in new and innovative ways.

  • Digital fundraising
  • KYC Tooling
  • Digital on-boarding
  • Alternative Investments specific CRM
  • Automated Reporting
  • Trading platform for secondary markets
The world is moving towards new models of ownership.

The world is moving towards new models of ownership.

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