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Annexum Annexum and Pebbles Investment Platform

Bloqhouse has been working with Annexum for many years. Annexum is one of the market leaders in the Netherlands and has over €1.3 billion of assets under management. Bloqhouse team has created a blockchain-based trading platform for Annexum, combined with client onboarding, KYC, and payment modules.

This project brought Bloqhouse to the forefront of innovation in financial markets, and the team has had many fruitful discussions with the regulator. However, due to regulatory reasons, the blockchain platform did not launch.

Annexum has also launched Pebbles in collaboration with Bloqhouse. Pebbles is a new digital platform for investing in residential real estate. Pebbles will offer investment opportunities on the platform where investors can invest with low tickets. Investors can register, digitally identify and purchase the shares within minutes.

visit Annexum website visit Pebbles website
Huib Boissevain, CEO Annexum:

Huib Boissevain, CEO Annexum:

Annexum has been working with the Bloqhouse team for three years now. We are constantly impressed by how Bloqhouse applies new technologies to the traditional world of real estate funds. The Pebbles platform, a platform developed out of a collaboration between Annexum and Bloqhouse, is an enormous added value for our company. Thanks to the underlying technology, we can automatically and digitally admit thousands of investors into our funds at the same time. The software also offers a solution to the lack of liquidity for our investors.

The world is moving towards new models of ownership.

The world is moving towards new models of ownership.

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