Asset digitization
for financial institutions
& NGO's

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Bloqs Wallet

What We Do

Peer-to-peer blockchain networks revolutionize the way value, such as real estate or loyalty points, is transferred between entitities. Issuers of assets use our software to tokenize assets in a legally compliant manner. Owners of a token can trade directly, transparently and securely with others. Show more

The administration of ownership is managed on the blockchain. The blockchain enforces a transparent and trustworthy registration of owners as well as legally binding transactions between them. ​We also offer know-your-customer (KYC) and customer onboarding modules. Cryptographic consensus technology requires centralized exchanges, custodians, banks and escrow services to reinvent themselves. We partner with them to develop new and better services for the financial industry. Show less


For Fund Managers

Feature 3
  • Digitize an asset (create a token)
  • Create a crowdfunding campaign
  • Approve onboarding requests
  • Asset holder management
  • APIs to integrate with apps such as Salesforce


For Asset Holders

Feature 1
  • Asset management dashboard
  • Transfers of assets
  • Integration with trading solutions
Suite 1
Ownership registration on the blockchain

Ownership of assets and settlement of transactions are registered on the blockchain

Suite 1
Onboarding & KYC

Ensure compliance by (automated) customer background checks

Suite 1

Send payments to assets holders

Suite 1
Dividend management

Distribute dividend using the blockchain or automate payments in fiat


Investors stay in control of their wallet and connection to the network at all times

Bloqhouse Roadmap

Q1 2018
Q2 2018
Q3 2018

Launch of first tokenization project with real estate fund

Q4 2018

Launch of digital asset exchange with a partner

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Soon we will launch the first tokenization project together with one of the largest real estate funds of the Netherlands. Please subscribe here to receive all updates.