Why would I need a trading engine based on blockchain technology?

Trading venues like Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTFs) or Regulated Markets can utilize the blockchain technology to enable transparent and frictionless trading of digitized assets.

Bloqhouse offers token trading solutions for these kind of organizations.

Trading engine
Bloqify trading platform

Trading engine for trading venues

Due to many inefficiencies in the current investment and trading market, digitization is attracting an increasing amount of attention of the financial industry. Large banks, stock exchanges and investment funds are investing time and money into this new way of managing and trading real world assets.

The whitelabel OrderEngine facilitates the ‘multilateral trading’ of digitized assets in a regulated matter. High liquidity of investment units will only be reached if there is an order book where investors can enter buy and sell orders. The OrderEngine facilitates this functionality.

The bleeding edge technology behind the OrderEngine can be utilized by regulated Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTFs) and regulated markets. See the website of the AFM.

Bloqhouse will soon announce the go-live the first regulated whitelabel Trading Engine solution for the trading of crypto assets. The solution has been approved by the AFM, the regulator of financial markets in the Netherlands.


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Step 1

Partnership with Stellar Foundation

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March 2018


April 2018

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Step 2

Design platform with regulated trading venue.

Step 3

Build trading engine based on Stellar DEX

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In progress

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