Company equity

Companies that are looking for funding can use the Bloqhouse platform. This will allow them to digitize their shares / bonds / certificates for liquidity purposes. Companies will be able to manage and attract an infinite amount of investors. Incoming and outgoing payments are also facilitated, for example for paying dividend.

Bloqify SME

The SME funding market

The SME funding market is characterized by numerous challenges. Examples are illiquidity of investments, high costs due to operational ineffectiveness and lack of access to high quality investment opportunities. At Bloqhouse we firmly believe that raising funds via our software solution creates a solution to many of these problems.

By utilizing the Bloqhouse platform, entrepreneurs can:

- Raise funding - On-board investors - Offer a trading functionality to their investors, all for a fraction of the cost as currently is the market standard

Retail investors gain access to investment opportunities, while SME companies gain access to a large pool of untouched capital as well as create the most loyal customer base that exists: a customer base that actually owns a piece of the company.

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