Jumpstart your online
funding platform

With the Bloqify Fundraiser platform, you can create a branded crowdfunding solution. This will help you raise funds directly from your investors, without the need of a bank or other financial institution.

The platform is suitable for equity funding, debt funding and p2p lending.



Barriers to enter the investment market are reduced as minimum investment amount is lowered.

Cost Reduction

Cost reduction

Representing assets as a digital holder of value, a token, offers the tools for high liquidity and frictionless trade.



By digitizing otherwise paper processes costs can be reduced by less overhead and fewer middle men.

Digitization of assets

Due to many inefficiencies in the current investment and trading market, digitization is attracting an increasing amount of attention by the financial industry. Banks, stock exchanges and fund managers are investing time and money into this novel way of managing and trading real world assets.

This is not a surprise as representing assets on the blockchain offers many advantages in comparison with the current solutions:

- Increase of security and transparency - Cost reduction due to greater operational effectiveness - Liquidity of assets and frictionless trade - Accessibility of the investment market

Bloqhouse offers your company a white-label software platform to profit from the advantages of digitization. To create a gateway to the existing financial world, many other modules and functionalities have been integrated in the platform.

The software and services have been discussed, and are approved by, relevant regulators (under EU regulation).


The payment module allows companies to collect and distribute fiat currencies like EUR or USD.


The KYC module allows companies to digitally check the identity of their clients / investors.

Trading engine
Secondary market

The trading engine module facilitates multilateral trading for investors.



The back-office module gives full control over the funding platform. It shows registrations, investments and offers export for reporting and analytics.

Responsive layout

The responsiveness of the platform makes sure that it can be viewed and used from phones, laptops and other devices.

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