Jumpstart your online
funding platform

With the Bloqify Fundraiser platform, you can create a branded crowdfunding solution. This will help you raise funds directly from your investors, without the need of a bank or other financial institution.

The platform is suitable for equity funding, debt funding and p2p lending.



Barriers to enter the investment market are reduced as minimum investment amount is lowered.



Attracting capital through the platform provides the tools for high liquidity and frictionless trading.

Cost Reduction

Technology-driven capital formation

The platform brings together tens an infinite amount of investors to produce the same type of buying power and negotiating leverage typically only enjoyed by large institutions.

Digitization of assets

The Bloqhouse team has created a whitelabel software solution for funding and crowdfunding. It’s set up to be flexible and modular, and it can be used by many kind of organisations.

The software is offered through a license, clients will have their own database and customized look-and-feel.

Instead of building an own platform, clients can launch a funding platform with limited investments. This offers the opportunity to go to the market quickly at relatively low costs.

Funding-as-a-Service makes a personalized crowdfunding platform accessible to every organization.


Through the Payment module, you can raise capital. In the future, money will also be paid to your clients through the software.


Through the Client onboarding / KYC module, your clients can be digitally identified by means of a passport scan, iDIN and, derived identification.

Trading engine

The Trading module facilitates multilateral trading for your clients via a simple orderbook.



The back-office module gives you full control over the funding platform. It shows registrations, investments and offers export for reporting and analytics.

Responsive layout

The responsiveness of the platform makes sure that it can be viewed and used from phones, laptops and other devices.

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