Core Platform

The Bloqhouse product is an easy-to-use platform that connects real estate fund managers & investors like never before. The software can be functionally divided into the Admin Panel and the Investor Platform.

Client on-boarding / KYC

Identify investors via iDIN, Passport Scan or eHerkenning. Generate contracts and let investors sign them with their digital identity. Automated background checks based upon the following lists:

  • • OFAC (SDN) | Department of the U.S. Treasury in charge of sanctions

  • • CFSP | European Union sanction list

  • • DNB | Sanctions and terrorism lists by the Dutch National Government

  • • UN | United Nations’ sanction list

  • • PEP | C6 Acuris Risk Intelligence

Client Onboarding

Payment processing

Periodically pay dividend or interest to investors via the platform. Enable investors to invest capital via iDEAL or SEPA thanks to an integration with Mollie, a Dutch payment provider.

Manage Investors and Funds

Manage investors, manage payments and manage funds via the Investor & Fund Management functionality. It offers a full blown, fund specific CRM capability focused but not only for the real estate sector.

Investors Management
Digital contracts and documents

Digital contracts and documents

Generate contracts and have them digitally signed by investors. Automatically merge required information into documents and create a workflow that guides investors seamlessly through an investment process.

Invest within minutes

Invest within minutes

The Bloqhouse platform allows investors to select an investment opportunity within minutes. After selecting the fund, the investor will be guided through a KYC procedure and will be reviewed.

If an investor is eligible to invest, an investment can be made within minutes via iDEAL or SEPA transactions.

Track investments & Generate tax statements

The Investor Dashboard gives insight into investments made and the financial returns.

Track investments
Explore Investments

Explore & Research investment opportunities

The dashboard allows investors to research and explore other opportunities listed by the fund manager or crowdfunding platform. If a new opportunity arises, the investor will be automatically informed about this.

Technologies used

Use the platform on any device

We know the web is no longer just on the desktop. We put a huge emphasis on responsive design, which ensures users get the best possible browsing experience on desktop, tablet, and mobile.