Art galleries and trading houses that are looking for funding can utilize the Bloqhouse platform. This will allow them to digitize shared art ownership for liquidity purposes. Companies will be able to manage and attract an infinite amount of investors.

Inflow and outflow of fiat currency is also facilitated. Investors will be allowed to own a fraction of a piece of art. Moreover, a utility function can be added to the token like access to a museum or gallery.

Bloqify art

The art market

Barriers to entry prevent a private investor to invest in high-value artwork. Work done by the significant artists however are characterized by great appreciation of value. At Bloqhouse we firmly believe that tokenization of art work via our platform will lower the barriers to entry dramatically and even the playground for everyone that wants to invest.

By utilizing the Bloqhouse platform, art houses and galleries can:

- Raise funding for art work - On-board investors - Deploy tokens on the blockchain - Offer a trading functionality to their investors, all for a fraction of the cost as currently is the market standard

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